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Fab Collab: Beyond Staging

As design/build professionals we spend our days imagining what could be.  But for most clients and homebuyers, visualizing the potential of a fixer-upper is really difficult.  STILE Board Member Jennifer Goodman of Goodlife Luxury was faced with this challenge when she pitched the listing of a Tarrytown duplex.   The interior and exterior were dated , but filled with opportunity for someone with a big wallet and imagination willing to take a "house with great bones" and a quiet location to the next level.

Jennifer told the homeowners that could call on her fellow STILE members to help stage the home and  more importantly, show prospects how it could truly be a spectacular investment.  The homeowners readily agreed. 

Jennifer assembled her STILE Dream Team and they went to work. Building designer Meeta Morrison toured the space and began to re-imagine the main floor as well as the over-sized master bedroom with ensuite and added in a new upstairs den .  Landscape architect Ann Yakimovicz came up with a soft and hardscape plan for the stone courtyard and huge second-level patio.  Nicholas Painter with Brush and Color came in and refreshed the dated fireplace and wall texture.  Interior Designer Heather Toolin and Design With Consignment owner Lisa Gaynor worked together to fill the home with chic furnishings.   Fabric designer Benton Burford and lighting expert Suzanne Short with Circa Lighting added some finishing touches.  Finally, Allison Cartwright's team at Twist Tours took the photos. 

The day of the open house was a big success, with the STILE Pro team there to share their visions and answer questions.  Jennifer's goal is to connect our membership with a high net worth crowd (who will be buying a home and likely needing trusted professional resources to do work) while raising the bar in the real estate sales experience for her sellers.  Everyone left cards and brochures so future visitors could also get in touch.

Jennifer and the sellers were thrilled with the results.  They've gotten lots of positive feedback and hope to sell it soon! 

Check out some photos and videos of our Fab Collab. 

Meeta Morrison

Meeta Morrison Designs


Ann Yakimovicz

Second Summer

heather toolin.jpg

The Best Open House Ever 

Jennifer and Benton


Suzanne Short

Circa Lighting 

nicholas painter brush and color.jpg

Nicholas Painter

Brush and Color 


Jennifer and Nicholas

The Crew  Goes Shopping 

Jennifer and Heather 

Jennifer and Ann

Allison Cartwright

Twist Tours

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