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Technology with an Eye for Design


Technology and Design can Coexist

As a design-obsessed individual, I’ve been skeptical that technology belongs in a design plan....I don't have a  computer monitor because it doesn’t look pretty on my desk.  While some people (ahem, my husband) seem to be fine with 37 cords tangled together in a pile on the floor next to the sofa, the Gordian knot of wire truly causes some existential anxiety for many of us.

STILE Member Heather Toolin is the on-staff interior designer for technology integrators SYSTEMSEVEN and her job is to solve problems just like mine. As an interior designer with over 30 years of experience, Heather is used to having to marry form and function, and technology is just another version of the challenge.  We chatted the other day and she gave me some insight on requests she’s getting from clients lately.

Technology Integrated with Décor

Gone are the days of hulking projectors looming over your head in the media room, or trip-hazard speakers on the floor.  Today essential technology can disappear in to your décor, becoming evident only when you need it. 

Work + School-from-Home Spaces

Our homes have to serve many more functions these days, and everyone is trying to figure out how to fit it all in. 

Outdoor Entertaining

Texans have always loved to entertain outdoors and even more so now that we’re social-distancing.  There are some amazing products out there that can turn your yard in to a resort-worthy oasis that will make you hardly miss the crowds at The Oasis. 

So if you’re ready to cut (or at least hide) the cord, give Heather a call.  She can help you take advantage of the latest high-tech products while maintaining your Architectural Digest creds. 

Heather Toolin, SYSTEMSEVEN


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