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The Colors of High Point 2019

HP 19 colors .jpg

 I just got back from High Point Market with Advisory Board Member Lisa Gaynor, lucky me!  It was a great trip and we noticed all sorts of interesting trends.  The first thing we noticed were the colors; they're very unique and make for a very creative feel when layered together. 


The most unique color we saw repeatedly was a mid-toned yellow-green.  We struggled to name it but came up with Citrine.  It's a really powerful color and adds  a very modern pop when used sparingly.  You could probaby use if profusely if you were very talented, but I'm not sure I am...

The second big hue was a mid-tone pink they're calling blush.  This was EVERYWHERE and ranged from a softer pink to more of a mauve.  For those of us old enough to be wearing bridesmaid's dresses in the '80's, it was that color. 

Other colors we saw regularly were plum (another bridesmaid's dress color), teal and a dark, dusky blue.  Lisa called it denim. 

Stay tuned for the next High Point installation featuring more trends; Deco, multi-functional furniture and more!

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