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Three Things Pros Need to Know About Paint 

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It goes without saying that painting is an essential for designing and decorating a space. Colors and textures can bring a room to life, or give a space a certain mood about it. It truly is a magical thing! I am a painter, meaning I apply the paint to the surfaces. But, I do not tread in waters too deep for me. I love colors, but I do not have the visionary mindset a designer can bring to a space, nor do I have the color logic that designers bring to the table.

Having said that, there are some uncommon things I have come across in the paint industry that I feel designers could benefit from. Here are the big 3!


1. Not all Zero VOC paints are created equal. VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are solvents found in paints that are released into the air as the paint dries. VOCs have been found to have adverse health effects, such as respiratory issues, cognitive impairment, dizziness, nausea, headaches, and even links to cancer and asthma. The market is demanding safer paints.


Many paints claim to be Zero VOC, but this claim can be misleading. The white base in certain paints is Zero VOC, however, as soon as colorant is added the paint is no longer Zero VOC. Many of my fellow painters are not even aware of this! If you notice the paint has a harsh smell to it, it likely has added VOCs, after the fact. Along with this, some paints claim Zero VOC, but have other additives and preservatives in them with similar, and sometimes worse adverse health effects as VOCs. The only way to really know is to read the Safety Data Sheet, or ask a paint pro specializing in health-promoting, allergenic paints. 1 in 4 people claim to have a sensitivity to chemicals, so it is likely a few of your clients do!


There are options out there for true Zero VOC, non toxic, hypoallergenic paints that have the same durability and even better finish options. ECOS Paints even makes an Air Purification Paint, which is third party tested, and cleans up to 90% of air pollution under normal conditions!! More info here


2. Matte Finish that’s washable?! It is likely that you’ve had clients who have asked about a matte finish on walls and larger spaces, as to not reflect light or distract from the overall feel of a room. But with kiddos and pets, you had to choose eggshell or even semi gloss. We’ve also all seen the cheap builder-grade semi gloss paint used in

bathrooms and kitchens that makes walls look like plastic. Luckily you are reading this.


Romabio is a mineral-based paint that comes from Italy that has a matte finish that is

highly washable, durable and mold resistant! Unlike your typical acrylic paints, which

literally dries to a thin layer of plastic, Romabio Ecodomus Matte is mineral based, and dries to a thin layer of rock! Romabio Ecodomus Matte is zero VOC, nontoxic, mold resistant and certified safe for baby nurseries and people with asthma/allergies. Coming in at around $60/gal, it is on par with mid grade paints’ prices, but has the look and feel of a premium $100/gal paint. Romabio is available at the Kelly Moore Paints in Round Rock, or online at


3. Trim Paint is not for Cabinets. It is very common for paint contractors to suggest using the same paint on cabinets that you use on trim, baseboards and doors. I would suggest otherwise, as cabinets are in a much higher traffic area and see a lot more action.

Cabinet doors get touched very frequently and see a bigger change in temperature from cooking heat and debris. The oils from our hands is enough to wear down a finish pretty quickly. I would recommend looking into a more durable coating, like paints designed for furniture and specifically cabinets. There are some great water-based polyurethanes and hybrid paints that are more durable than your average house paint. We have had great results with General Finishes tinted poly, which has a beautiful finish and is very durable. It also VOC compliant, but is not a Zero VOC product. More info on General Finishes can be found here . We have also had great luck with ECOS Paints floor paint. It is durable, non-toxic, and sprays very nicely, giving that factory finish! More info here .


Designing a space is form of art, and with these 3 USPs (Unique Selling Propositions), you will set yourself apart from the rest. 



If you have any questions, you can reach out to me at or visit to book an estimate, it takes less than a minute!


I’m Nick Painter

It's a great day!! 

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